Every Thursday we'll be posting a personal story from the LD community. This week is our first week up and running with the site and blog and we can't do it all by ourselves. We need your help to share inspiration and hope, we need your stories!

Your story can be about your life and experiences OR it could be about someone you know that influenced your life, someone that gave you advice, or something that made things a bit easier. Regardless, to someone else with LD your story may give them the inspiration to push themselves a bit farther, work harder toward a personal goal, and hope.

Still not sure what to say or how to get started?
Check out Sarah's stories, posted every Monday. Also go to our Community page to get the basics about submitting your story. Have a question or you just want to "talk" things out with Sarah? Send her an email (DifNotDis@gmail.com) or message her on Facebook or Twitter.

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