Whoopi Goldberg, well known actress and comedic entertainer. She was told she was dumb, stupid, and worthless as a child. She dropped out of school at the age 17 and lived on the streets. She was lucky to have support from her mother, the only person that believed in her. Goldberg told her self that she couldn't be stupid because if someone read her a story she was able to understand it. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia as an adult. With new found belief in herself she pushed herself to do what she loved, making people laugh. She picked up acting and has earned the following awards:
  • An Oscars
  • 2 Golden Globes
  • 2 American Comedy Awards
  • 2 Daytime Emmy 
  • and many many more
She has now become an author, and has written two children's books.
Read more about Whoopi's life growing up HERE.

Famous People & Disorders Part 2 (edited)

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