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I am the worst at remembering times, places, and names. I always thought it was just part of me, the girl that always forgets. I have recently found that many Dyslexics have trouble remembering people's names, places, and other information that others find easy to remember. (Read more about this research below.)

I have learned to always keep a pen handy. If I didn't have paper to write on I would find a napkin, my hand, even the inside seam of my skirt to write down a date or persons name. Writing it down helped me remember, I created an image of information which is easier for me to remember and recall later.

When learning how to spell I had to trace and rewrite the letter and words over and over again. I would write them three times on paper, three times in the air, three times on a rough surface (a Emory board, we called them "memory boards", wall, carpet, or even sand or dirt) with our finer, and as I got older and computers were the norm we would type the word three times. This ensured that we could spell the word in any circumstance. Hearing, saying out loud, feeling it with your finer, remember the motion, and see it on paper made spelling words correctly a stronger possibility.

Research about Dyslexia and Memory:

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