Thanksgiving is this week! It's one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. One, is that my mother makes a feast big enough to feed 50 people when there is only 10-20 of us sitting around the table. Two, I get to spend time with the people that I truly love. Three, its the perfect time to say "thank you" to those that have helped me in my life.

I always am so thankful for my family, their love and support through everything. There are many other people that I give thanks to, they have helped me get to where I am today. Here's my list:
  • Mrs. Larsen - 1st grade teacher, she was the first to help me (taught me take notes better/coping things down faster), and encouraged my parents to get me tested for Dyslexia.
  • Ms. Raffe - 2nd grade teacher, taught me how to count (a technique I still use today)
  • Mrs. Smith - 3rd grade teacher, gave the opportunity to express myself in the classroom and helped me earn my confidence. 
  • Mrs. Nesbit - 3rd grade, spelling, teacher. She taught me tricks to remember my spelling, tricks I used when studying for every spelling test I had in school.
  • Momma G. and Ms. Weatherferd, principle and secretary when I was elementary school, they when above and beyond and encourage all students during school, after school, and even during summer school and weekend tutoring.  
  • Ms. Shelton - 5th grade math teacher, she helped me to understand fractions and x and y axis. When I was high school I still went to her for tutoring from time to time to help me with my homework. 
  • Mrs. Rollen - 6th and 8th grade teacher, she used our personal creativity as inspiration when teaching us. She would ask me to draw or act out a definition to new vocab words instead of trying to remember the words but studying flashcards. 
  • Mr./Coach Nichola - 7th grad teacher and middle & high school cross country and track & field coach. He made learning fun. He was one of the toughest coaches I ever had, always pushing, always wanting me to be stronger, faster, better. I went to state when I was a freshmen, thanks to him. I still use the running technique he taught me.
  • Mrs. Rivers - High school English teacher - toughest grammar teacher I have ever had, but she made me more confident in my writing, that confidence was passed over into college and helped me get through those long essays and papers I had to write.
  • Mrs. Millbank - High school history teacher and adviser - Gave me advice about how to get ready for college and taught me reach out for help when I needed and to not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Coach Davis - middle and high school basketball coach - hardest coach I have ever had, she pushed us all to our breaking points, but I have never felt to good about myself since then. She made us into better athletes and better teammates. She was also big about our academics and would help us with math as we practiced.  I still go to her for advice from time to time. 
  • Mr. S. - High school drama teacher - He was one of the few that supported me to be in drama as well as athletics. He challenged me to get out of comfort zone, by my senor year he told me that I had to be on stage, I had to pass my torch to the next freshmen to be head of props and set as I joined the actors on stage. To my surprised I enjoyed acting. 
  • Professor Bell - college professor - she did everything in her power and more to help me take my tests in a quite space with all the help I needed. She was one of the few of my college teachers to understand what Dyslexia was and was willing to help me in every way she could for me to succeed. 
  • Professor Johnson - college professor - my adviser for this project, she is always there for me, sorting out my panicking thoughts. Helping me explain what I'm trying to do and say, in a way that others will understand. 
  • Ann McLoughlin - family friend/adopted aunt - she came to America to learn more about LD and spread awareness in Ireland to help her son and other LD students. She ran many test on me; she was trying to understand they way my mind worked. I would light up when I did something that seemed to surprise her. She is my inspiration for this project. She now helps LD students at Limerick University with their studies and tests.

I know I missing a lot. When I start making list like this I always seem to forget a few.
This week I hope you remember all the wonderful people that have helped you along the way. If you have the chance to thank them in person I urge you to do so. The would love to hear it!

Thank you to all those amazing teachers, friends, and family that have supported me and encourage me to never give up with anything I put my mind to!
Ann Mc Loughlin
11/25/2013 11:11:40 am

This is why I have worked with students with Specific Learning Difficulties for the last 12 years! I meet students daily young and mature, who teach me so much about myself and the world! They inspire me when I see how they rise to the challenges their learning difficulties AND life presents them with. They develop coping strategies, new and, many times, unique learning strategies; they create, develop and GROW. In their willingness to do so, they inspire others to KEEP TRYING, particularly when life's challenges seem too great to conquer. WELL DONE! I'm proud to be a Teacher and a Pupil! Annx


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