Super man and Kryptonite (aka Spelling Man)
Being Dyslexic makes many things difficult in school, personally spelling was and still is my Kryptonite. My life would feel like it was ending when I had to write a paper for school. The though of the red dotted line under every other word on my computer screen haunted me. I cried almost every time I finished typing a story. It was hard and time consuming enough just to get my thoughts on paper, but then I'd have to go back and correct every other word for others to read that I was trying to say. Luckily, the school I went to had developed special programs to help teach us how to spell and learn what sounds letters make in the English language. I still use these techniques when sounding out words and spelling words that I'm not familiar with.

Now that I'm only a few months away from graduating college I have found other techniques to help me keep up with my spelling accuracy. When typing a paper, or this blog post, I write it all once then I go back, re-reading it, making corrections, then I will go back a and try to correct my spelling errors. I try very hard to correct my spelling errors with out spell-check first, then if I get really stuck I will us spell-check. From time-to-time spell-check doesn't know what I was trying spell, when this happens I go type the word into Google. Google, 9 times out of 10, will provide me with the right spelling of this word.

I also play a few spelling games on my phone with others. This "fun" way to use my spelling has dramatically helped my spelling accuracy. Games I like to play are, Two Birds and Letterpress. There are tons of spelling games you can download for free to your phone or play online, some are even connect with Facebook.

Below is a very short list of words that I spell wrong on most often:
  • and - I spell it as "adn"
  • the - I spell it at "teh" or "hte"
  • spell - I spell it as "speel"
  • habit - I spell it as "hapit" or "habbit"
  • definitely  - I spell as "defiantly"
  • I also mix up the words then and than.
There are many, many, many more words that I spell wrong to this day. But I have come to realize that it's "OK" to spell things wrong from time to time, as long I correct them, no one knows either way.

I have learned to accept that I can't spell very well. I don't get discouraged any more (like I did as a child) when I see my paper full of red lines and circles indicating miss spelled words I just go back and try again. I have know that spell-check is on my side (for the most part) and if that's not available/doesn't work I always have my fiance, my family and friends, and Google to help me read though and correct my work.

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