"I strongly believe that dyslexia is like a Rubik’s Cube: it takes time to work out how to deal with it but once you do, it can be the most wonderful gift."

Picture of Sally Gardner
Sally Gardner, is an English children's writer and illustrator. Her award-winning book, I, Coriander, is set in 17th-century London. It tells the story of Coriander, the unhappy daughter of a silk merchant.

At age 11, she was told that she was "
word-blind." Gardner says, "this was before anyone mentioned the un-sayable, un-teachable, un-spellable word Dyslexia, which, hey-ho, even to this day I can’t spell!" She continues, "I had been classified as “unteachable” but at the age of fourteen, when everyone had given up hope, I learned to read." The fist book she read was “Wuthering Heights” and after that no one could stop  her. Her mother made a deal with her, if she got her grades up she could go to art school. With that kind of motivation she did just that. Once at art school she thrived like ivy crawling up and every which way to the top.

After graduating from the Central St. Martin’s Art School with a First Class Honours degree Gardner then went to Newcastle University Theatre, where she worked as a theatre designer. "I gave up working as a set designer because I found my dyslexia to be a problem when drawing up technical plans for the sets. Instead I concentrated on costumes," said Gardner.

"I [later] went into writing, where I assumed my Dyslexia would be a true disability, it turned out to be the start of something amazing," she continues, "The problem with dyslexia for many young people – and I can identify with this – is that their confidence is so damaged by the negativity of their teachers and their peers that it takes a very strong character to come out of the educational system smiling." (Sally's Story)

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An Introduction to the Maggot Moon Multi-touch iBook edition

Sally Gardner's introduction to video below. This video can also be viewed HERE.

Animated page video from Maggot Moon Multi-touch iBook

Here is a short animation of the way some dyslexics (including Sally) see the
words on a page when they try to read: (above)

Video of an animated page from one of Sally Gardner's books,
Maggot Moon. Can be viewed HERE.

Some of Sally's Books:

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