Last week DifNotDis saw this amazing film about Dyslexics, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia. If this film is in your area I strongly urge you to watch it. For me the information that was presented in this film was nothing new, but for some that don't know much or want to learn more about what a dyslexic person goes through you should watching his movie!

This film shares the real life stores of a few dyslexic children and professionals leading to success. Very inspiring! The film interviewed people, a handful of students from all ages as well as people like, Sir Richard Branson, Gavin Newsom, and Charles "Chuck" Schwab. Entire list of the film's cast HERE.

Quotes from the movie:
  • When talking about his Dyslexia, Dylan Redford says, "own it! Totally own it!"
  • Bonnie Patten saw herself as the tortoise, from the story of The Tortoise and The Hare, when she was in school, "I take notes then take notes of my notes..." till I end up with a few keys words of the main topic.
  • Charles Schwab said, "Artist solve issues creatively, why can't I in business."
  • Gavin Newsom said that he hated timed tests, he would panic, but as an adult he learned that "life is not a timed test."

After the film there was a panel for some Q&A. The panel included Anne Hughes (drama teacher at Shelton School), Darby (high school student in Grapevine, Dr. Bryan Riggs (Riggs Wealth Management), Sherry Meadows (Carrollton ISD), and Chris Bedenbaugh (language speech teacher at Shelton School).

Dallas, Texas has a few laws, rules, and accommodations to help children in public school succeed. But even with all this support from the city and state children that have a learning difference still need help and support from their peers, teachers, and parents. This film is trying to do what we want to do, spread awareness about Learning Differences and give the kids a change to be the best they can be.

The Big Picture Movie Trailer

This video along with many others posted by TheBigPictureMovie, watch this movie on YouTube or on The Big Picture Movie website.

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