I have found that for many LDs reading comprehension is very low when a student with long reading assignment. They have to read then re-read the same chapter over and over to understand what it's about.

After only being diagnosed with Dyslexia for a few months I went under more testing from the private school I was attending. Tests included visual understanding, perception with 2D objects, simple mathematics, reading speed, word pronunciation, and reading comprehension.

I shocked myself and the woman testing me. I was reading short stories out loud to her, she was timing me, marking words that I skipped or said wrong, and after I finished the story she asked me to answer some questions about the story (how I comprehended it). My speed was very slow, no surprise there, and I tended to skip words or guess at words that I did not recognize. When it came to my comprehension I passed with flying colors. It's seems impossible, right? When I heard myself read out loud I didn't think I understood what the story was about, but when I trusted my gut and didn't over think the questions I answered every question correctly.

Throughout my days at school, college, and even today I despise reading out loud. I would always slink down at my desk praying that the teacher wouldn't call on me. By my senior year of high school I become a bit more willing to read aloud, because the night before I would try to read the chapter/story in advanced to give me a small advantage. Seeing the text for the second time in class made reading it a bit easier.

When I do have something to read for school, work, or pleasure I try to find a quite place so I can read aloud to myself. I have learned over the past years that when I read something out loud I tend to understand it faster than when I read it silently. Never the less I still have to read text at least two or three times to understand it completely.

Growing up I was always confused and unable to describe to people what I saw when I was reading. They would ask me, "is it like the movies depict it? Letters jumping and getting scrambled all over the page?" I would always laugh and say, "nope." But then they would ask me what I see and I wouldn't be able to tell them because I see what is normal to me. Letters that are combined together to make words that are combined to make a sentence that grows into a paragraph. When I'm distracted I have a harder time focusing and I tend to read the same sentence over and over again with no comprehension. Letters and words also tended to blur from time-to-time if I was tired or so frustrated because I wasn't getting the meaning of what I was reading. 

The image blow is the closest visual description I have found that depicts what I see from time-to-time.

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