Due to the 'ice storm' in Dallas, TX this weekend most of the city was shut down. UTD closed their campus and canceled graduation and capstone ceremonies. When I first got word of this I was a bit excited. I hate getting cold and I was revealed that I wouldn't have to stand up in front of 100+ people to present my capstone. I have been so stressed and nervous about it I have been grinding my teeth every night for the past 3 weeks!

Now that's it's Monday, they are not going to reschedule anything, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to show off my work. It's also very hard to believe that I reached my goal. I am done with school; I know I didn't walk across the stage or move the tassel from one side of my square cap to the other, but I am really done.

Even while I'm writing this I'm still in disbelief that I was able to do something so many thought I couldn't do. Now, the question is, what will I do next? The obvious answer is, find a job, but that's that what I mean when I ask what to do next. I'm talking about goals, getting a job is a necessity to live, but a goal is something you live for.
Goals are something all people should have. You goals don't have to be big or small, they just need to be yours. You can have more than one that your aiming for at the same time. You can have mini-goals that help you reach the main/final goal.

Personally, I have many goals. Some times goals can be unrealistic and I have to modify them or let them go. I have reached a big goal that I have been working for all my life; graduating college (with honors, is a bonus). Now that I've reached that one It's time to move on to the next. I have a standing goal of always facing what I fear most. Talking in front of large amount of people is one, swimming/snorkeling in the ocean is something I've accomplished and learning to scuba-dive is next, trying new food when I am offered something I've never tried, and learning to cook, just to name a few.

I have found that it's very important to have goals and they are a great tool to motivate you. Growing up I had goals with my coaches, teachers, and parents. Things like, working hard towards having an grades in the A's and B's, finishing a paper with less help from my teacher, beat a personal best in track, talking to my peers about idea with homework and to have study buddies. I also had goals that were personal, secret, like reading (but still understanding) a chapter of a text book in fast time, typing a paper with out using spell check (I would manually go back and try to fix my spelling mistakes, and practice over the weekend to reach my athletic goals.

I encourage you to make some of your own goals. Write them down, pin them to your wall, put them on sticky-notes that cover your desk. If you are able to see them and read them every day you are more likely to accomplish them. They have to come from the heart, something that you truly wish to achieve; if you put your mind to it you will reach it. Good Luck!

Share your goals with us today! Leave a comment below of a goal(s) that you have that you are reaching for or one(s) that you have reached!

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