Picture of Sarah
I remember, when I was in the 1st grade, copying the homework assignment off the board, it was taking me a very long time. All the other students had finished and were lined up at the door, ready to head to lunch. The teacher standing over me, she telling me to hurry up, because "...everyone is waiting on you." This type of thing was an every day event. Everyone would have to wait until I was done. Since I didn't' want this kind of attention, I would start to copy what was on the board, and I would pretend to be done after a few students had finished.

As the semester progressed my teachers notices that I was mixing my numbers up in math class, having difficulty reading out loud, and was having difficulty understanding instructions. Half way through the semester my teacher had a meeting with my parents about how slow I was when copying down notes, and putting my thoughts on paper when learning to write complete sentences.
It was soon after this meeting that my parents took me to a specialist who tests persons for learning differences, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia.

I did learn something from this experinece that has stayed with me ever since. My teacher suggested that when I was copying something, I grab small bits of information. Maybe just two or three letters instead of two or three words. I am often amazed at how this little trick has made a task that was once very difficult and very frustrating, very simple. Where I once felt fear and terror as my teacher stood over me, I now thank her nearly every day for the concern she showed, and the help she offered.

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