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Robert M.
Age 60
Current Residence: Dallas, TX

I went through numerous high schools growing up.  I struggled but got by. I was not diagnosed with ADD until I was an adult.  I managed to get into SMU where I also struggled through, but I devised numerous ways to learn on my own. During college, I would tape my lectures and listen to them every night. I would also go to classes that I wasn't enrolled in just to hear lectures twice. I had a huge easel in my dorm room that I wrote my notes on in different colors to learn and keep my thoughts and notes organized. I bribed the janitors with tacos to open the doors to the lab at night so I could study with the specimens and rock samples. I earned my BS in Geology from SMU and I have had a successful career for over 37 years. I love what I do as I get to use my creativity and ability to think out of the box to discover many new oil and gas fields. My coworkers and I encourage creativity in the office and when I have a new idea I call them "light bulbs!"

My daughter went to Shelton and is now a freshman at Baylor, and one of my three sons, attended Shelton for 14 years. I was asked to talk on “Heroes’ Day” to share my story sharing my struggles and success. I told them that, “I wish I had Shelton when I was younger…[regardless your] attitude and determination can do much for a creative mind."

My wife of 38 years, has been a great encourager over the years, we met at SMU. She encouraged me through and to excel in college to every day challenges I face today.

"We just need the tools and encouragement to do great things!”
10/24/2013 08:50:24 am

Thank you for sharing my story! One clarification is that my daughter went from Shelton after a few years to PCA where she excelled before Baylor.


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