After being diagnosed with Dyslexia I went to a new school that offered smaller class room sizes which gave the teacher the ability for one-on-one attention with each student. I don't remember much from this school, after all it was only 2nd grade, but what I do remember are a few teachers, a few classmates, the class pet (a rabbit named Thumper, that later I adopted), and a simple way to add and multiply.

I'm a visual learner and my teacher made adding a visual experience. It's a simple trick that I still used today. It's a bit easier to explain when looking at a digital clock. Each number has points. For example the number 3 has three points which I put dots on. By adding the dots I was able to see that 3 dots plus 2 more dots equaled 5 dots. In class I can remember writing the numbers on a small white board and using cotton balls as the dots. This allowed us to see the dots on the numbers and move the dots when adding them together. (View image below for examples). 
Many teachers use this next trick when teaching students how to multiple by 9. I found this trick to be very useful and neat. How it works: place your hands in front of you, palms facing away from you, thumbs are next to each other. Say we want to find the answer to 2 x 9. Bend your second finger on your left hand down (that would be your ring finer in this case). Now you should have one figure up (your pinky on your left hand), your bent finger, and 8 other fingers up. The answer to 2 X 9 = 18! 
(View image below for more examples).
10/17/2013 07:46:53 am

Found this online (FB), it's also a neat trick to teach children to multiply by 9.

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