Picture of Karen O'Donnell
Karen O'Donnell, a documentary filmmaker from Toronto. While making Odd Kid Out, a film about her son, who has ADHD, O'Donnell got her self tested at age 52 and was also diagnosed with ADHD. Her son, Kail (age 19) said he felt more comfortable with himself after she had been diagnosed.

O'Donnell had suspected that she may have ADHD when she went camping with her family. "I lost my car keys three times," she says. "I wasn't overwhelmed or distracted, so the fact that I continued to lose my keys for no apparent reason upset me." (ADDitued) Growing up she was always haunted with this never ending plagued of loosing things, forgetting, and never able to keep her though and things organized. After many years O'Donnell has learned a few tricks like time management strategies, to help her live a normal life every day. She went to York University and earned a Degree in Fine Arts. (World Production Inc.)

O'Donnell has written, directed, and produced a series of short documentaries, including:
  • If I Were An Artist,
  • The Don Lisk Story
  • Working Without A Net
  • Odd Kid Out
  • A Mine Like Mine

"Try to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses."

"Cut at the Door" clip from A Mind Like Mine

A Mind Like Mine - Trailer

"Cut at the Door" and the "Trailer" can be found on YouTube, submitted by wordshopproduction.

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