This video is a mash-up that I made last semester for a class project. I wanted my peers to get an idea what I go through, emotional, on an (almost) every day basis with my LD.

My Dyslexia has and always will be a part of me, a part that makes it that much harder to succeed, but it is also the one that makes me work harder to achieve my goals. .

Videos used to create mash-up:

- "Dyslexia is a Gift" - Filip Boskovic
- "Dyslexia Symptoms" - Katie Stanbridge
- "Henry Winkler Talks about Dyslexia GMTV 2010" - Buddy Huggins
- "I Am Dyslexia ... DyslexiaFacts.Net " - dhfl143
- "Messy Mondays: 15 Ways Movies Think You Are Stupid" - Blimeycow
- "What Causes Learning Disabilites?" - LDAssocAB
- "What's it like being...Dyslexic" - GreenandFriendly
- "You are so Dumb" - Calliopebalbs
- "I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word" - Sulibeezy

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