"Every child has greatness in side them."
Henry Winkler, well known as "the Fonz" from a TV show called Happy Days. He lived with Dyslexia, not knowing what it was or that he had it; he was diagnosed at the age of 31. Can you believe that! He struggled, still struggles every day with reading and comprehending scripts, but he is a strong voice for LD and Dyslexia awareness.

He says, in many interviews, that "every child has greatness in [them]." Growning up his parents, teachers, and peers "thought I was lazy. I was called lazy. I was called stupid. I was told I was not living up to my potential." said Winkler. Regardless of what others said,Winkler, determined, made it through school, even completing an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in 1970 (Yale). Can you believe that! His son was lucky, he was diagnosed in the 3rd grade, and Winkler couldn't believe that everything the specialist said, describing his son, also described him.

Winkler, “[I] accept[ed my] learning challenge.  I’m still frustrated by my learning challenge and I’m still smacked in the face by it every day,” but he doesn't let that stop him from doing what he loves. He found his gift in acting and writing and continues to push himself every day to do more and succeed at more things to prove those negative people wrong.

Dealing With Dyslexia

This video can be viewed on YouTube submitted by MedicalNewsOnline.

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