This Friday, Dec 6th, I will be accomplishing something that most believed I would never do. I will be graduating from college, and as a bonus, with honors!!

My parents were told, before I was born, that I would be deformed, have an undeveloped brain, and would need special care for my entire life. After I was born, doctors still believed that I would have problems like a disability that would hold me back from being a "normal" child.

I was a normal baby, besides being allergic to nearly every thing (plastic diapers, metal, etc.), I played, started to grow, and went to school like every other kid. After being diagnosed with Dyslexia more specialist and doctors told my parents that I would never get to high school and if I did I would not make it in college.

I grew up with all A's till middle school, then kept my AB average though high school and college. I was told in the 8th grade that I would not survive in a public school and if I made it/was accepted to college it would be very difficult and I probably would drop out. I took a bit longer than most, 4 years at a community college got my Associates Degree in Fine Art then transferred to University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and graduating with honors within 2 years with my BA in Emerging Media and Communication (EMAC).

I always knew I would get here and graduate from college. I want to thank all those people that thought I couldn't do it, they have been my personal inspiration to push myself and work harder to do what they said I couldn't do.  I love knowing that I proved them all wrong!

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to my parents. Mom and Dad you guys just ROCK! I would not be walking across the stage, degree in hand, if it wasn't for you. All those late nights doing home work, crying because school was too hard, pushing me to do anything I wanted to try, giving up so much to send my brother and I to specialized school and college, and all the hugs, high-5s, kisses, and encouragement, it has paid off and I can never thank you enough!

If you are in the Dallas, TX area and you would like to meet me. Please come to UTD, I am presenting my capstone, my final project, DifNotDis to my advisers, peers, family, and friends.
Ann McLoughlin
12/2/2013 10:44:46 am

Wonderful Sarah! Congratulations to you! & to Mary & Wayne xx


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