Something I have learned, growing up in a positive LD environment, is that everyone, LD or not, has a something that gives them hope, their freedom from the nightmare of school. Most that are not LD don't see how important a positive outlet can be. I was told, even at the specialized school I was attending for LDs, that I would find college extremely difficult and would most-likely have to drop out before I graduated. Little did they know I would graduate with honors.

During school, even at a very young age, I found that I had the gift of speed. I could run faster and longer than all my friends. I played soccer since I was 4 years old, I was the left forward. Being right handed it was amazing to some that I was able to kick with my left foot, as well as my right.

During school, when things got really hard and I just wanted to cry and run way from my home work, I would find a ball and an open space so I could run, be free. This freedom was a prize, it was, at many times, the only thing that would get me through a full day of school.

Sports are still an outlet for me, they help me relax, stay focused, and even take away my stress.

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