Picture of Sam Barclar holding his book
If you are Dyslexic and find yourself on a lonely island where no one really understands what you experience when reading you need to check out this book! Sam Barclay, is Dyslexic, he has created this book, "I Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Dyslexic," to give the reader a better understanding of what he and other Dyslexics experience while reading.

Barclay says, "The available help was always aimed at making me read better. Very little effort was made to help the people around me understand what it feels like to struggle with reading."

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I wonder what it's like to be dyslexic by Sam Barclay (KickStarter Video)

You can view this video and learn more about this book and support Barclay's kickstarter by clicking HERE.

"People that have difficulty reading are often capable of thinking in ways that others aren't," Barclay explains. "Encouraging those with reading difficulties... to excel in ways that make sense to them is not just important, it's crucial."

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