Did you know that many famous people have LD. It is become of their LD that can see things differently or think more creatively than their peers. Many call this a disability because it's not the norm. Sir Richard Branson, diagnosed Dyslexic, was terrible at conventional school work and as an adult he still doesn't understand numbers, yet he is a very successful millionaire. Now I'm not saying that everyone with Dyslexia should aim to be a millionaire, what I'm trying to say is that you have the ability inside yourself to be great; better than what yourself and others may imagine! 

Richard Branson: Growing Up Dyslexic

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Dyslexic Richard Branson - Famous Dyslexic

Watch this video on YouTube. Watch the entire interview at TED.com, Richard Barnson: Life at 30,000 feet.

I just loved the story about how he learned what net growth was. This little trick, changing the way you look at something, I find, is extremely helpful and useful in everyday life as well as in school or work. To this day I doodle little diagrams and pictures in addition to my notes to help me remember, visually, a definition or subject.

Do you have any tricks like this that help you with your studies or even help you be successful at work?

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